Why us ?

We do excavation ,removal of unsatisfying material and importing of bulk earthwork,fill material to build up new platform level- Value Engineering.Through the process we make sure that we can reuse as much of excavated earth as possible.This will allow us to reduce the purchasing cost and delivering of extra earth materials when new areas of construction needs to be contained with extra dirt and rocks.

We offer

Construction for Earthworks

Our process involves excavating and removing unsuitable material off site. We also cater for importing new suitable layerworks (G5,G7,G1) to build up new platforms for superstructure construction.

Installation of Bulk Civil Services

We provide installation stormwater lines,electrical sleeves,sewerage lines and fibre sleeves.

Wayleaves and Approvals

We do wayleaves submission on behalf of clients to ensure regulations are followed.

Trenching and Excavations

We provide material  removal  of a narrow opening in the ground and trenching on any surface area .