Why us ?

We  plan, coordinate and provide you with monitoring and controlling of a construction project.We provide you with  professional services such as project management, cost control ,bill of quantities preparation , tender document  preparation,payment certificate and final accounts

We offer

Cost Control

We make sure that the construction cost of the project is managed through the best practices and techniques so that the contractor does not have to suffer any losses when carrying out the activities of the project.

Measurement and Quantities

We transform the information into descriptions and quantities, accepted to value ,cost and price construction work allowing us have an effective management .

Tender Document Preparation

We draft up the tender documents so that  we provide a clear and comprehensive information such as the scope of the contract,the description of the purpose and objectives of the contract ,the environment in which it shall be implemented and of it’s scope,its deliverable and the delivery times.

Payment Certificates

We provide a document that is verified by an architect, engineer, or an owner of a construction project that the given work has been successfully completed and it is approved for payment by the contractor.

Final Accounts

We draft up final accounts in which  the document consists  of  the decision of the contract sum (including all necessary adjustments) and indicates that the agreed amount of the employer will pay the contractor. It includes any work that is paid to the contractor through the main contract.